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Wanderer. Explorer. Dreamer. Crocheter. Cycler. Concert Enthusiast. Nature Seeker. Hula Hooper. I enjoy being a super amateur, fancy camera/equipment-less photographer. Gives me an opportunity to try and capture things the way I see them. I'm also a firm believer in the power of scheme devising, resourcefulness and creativity to make things happen. Using the little you have and transforming it into something amazing. Into experiences that will change your life and stay with you forever. That will change the way you define yourself and the world.

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I am currently on the road with a non-profit organization called Liberty in North Korea for the next four months. I just spent 5 weeks in intense training, so that is why I haven’t been able to update my blog. I will finally be able to resume once all of this craziness comes to an end.

Street Art. Pai, Thailand.

(Source: Karolina Mora)

Wonju River Bike Path. Waiting for Spring after a long Winter.

Wonju, South Korea.

(Source: Karolina Mora)

Lately I have been slacking on updating my tumblr. Sorry. I have been busy with the holiday season and temp jobs and haven’t had the time to write the posts that I have been planning on writing. Soon I should have some free time again.


Chiang Mai, Thailand.

(Source: Karolina Mora)

Street art. Art District, Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA.

(Source: Karolina Mora)

Ducks, hamsters and a cat for sale!

I don’t know if I feel worse for the predator or the prey.

Seoul, South Korea. Just outside of Children’s Park Station.

(Source: Karolina Mora)

Zoo Miami. Miami, Florida, USA.

It was a real cool place!

(Photos Source: Karolina Mora)

A beautiful sunset at Key Largo. Florida, USA.

(Source: Karolina Mora)